Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Session 2 of 12: Reading

One of the positives of being a Cancer Fighter, is the amount of time I have to read these days. I was invited to join the Amazon Vine programme. I am given a newsletter once a month then I get to choose up to four items, usually books. I took delivery of "Wildthorn" by Jane Eagland a couple of days ago and I couldn't put it down, what a good read! Set in England in 1870, it examines the social constraints for women and mental institutions.

I also managed to get to my support group "Talk 4 Talk" a local group aimed at helping parents / carers of children with speech, language and communication difficulties. The minister for Education in the Welsh Assembly, Jane Hutt paid us a visit to hear our views and things are moving for us! I am especially proud of this meeting because it is something I set in motion when I had a meeting with our local MP Ian Lucas to try to get more help for my little boy, Harry. Things may not have improved in time for me and mine but at least I can help to make sure that other children don't go through what Harry and Joe have.

The group is amazing but sadly does not fall into any of the categories to enable funding. After today, I hope the Welsh Assembly will find funding for a unique and much needed group.

I got to collect the kids from school for the first time in ages. Needless to say all the mums came over to say hi and comment on my turban! It was a little over whelming. I followed up on my promise to take the boys to the park and I enjoyed a couple of hours chatting to another mum and watching the boys have fun. How tiring the whole afternoon was though.

I am just focusing on September/October when my treatment will be over and I can get back into the saddle of my life that was. Can't wait to start training again (running) and swimming. Mmmm, will have to think of which races I will run......


  1. Thank you for the comment. And thank you for thinking of me I know it has helped. Are you interested in writing a guest post on Let me know what you think, if not its totally fine :) AND would you like to be a part of my charity I have over 300 people and shops that send out little gifts to brighten the day of those fighting cancer. Send me an email and let me know what you think

  2. I think you are a wonderful person, doing wonderful things and I would like to be part of your spirit jump and share my story. Been incredibly tired the last few days so my head hasnt been where it should but I will send you my story within the next couple of days. I would really like to spirit jump you Meaghan, you so deserve it. Love & Life, Sara xx


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