Sunday, 19 April 2009

Session 2 of 12: Love, Hope and Strength

These words have featured alot in Mike Peters (The Alarm) lyrics over the years and since he is a Cancer Fighter, he can sum up what us other Cancer Fighters are going through.

"Give me love, give me love hope and strength, give me love hope and strength to carry on"

What an amazing guy he is too! He comes from North Wales (Like me) and I have been following him for almost 30 years! I am looking forward to The Gathering 2010, my tickets are booked and by then I will have finished the most radical part of my treatment.

Mike has rocked the Empire State Building, Mount Snowdon twice (third time on 4th July 2009), Mount Everrest and this October he is going to rock Mount Kilamanjaro. I have sponsored a prayer flag so Mike and his team will be carrying my name to the summitt but by then I will be finished chemo!

Mike is the co-founder of the "Love, Hope, Strength Foundation" a charity which aims to put a cancer resource centre in every country. He has raised thousands for cancer units in North Wales and indeed all over the world. A truly amazing guy.

Please check out his site and if you are able, support this charity

I am surrounded by LOVE; the love of my family and friends
I live with HOPE: that later this year my life will be back to normal and will be cancer free forever
I have STRENGTH: because I will not give in to cancer or any other negative force which confronts me.

The vein in which the chemo was given this second time is hurting. My friend says that is is nerve damage so I will ge myself checked out first thing Monday.

I saw the lympodemia nurse and physiotherapist on Friday and I have my full range of movement back in my arm. It was really interesting to learn about the lymphatic system and how to care for my affected side.

I have been really tired over the last few days. We had a BBQ last night with my best friend Jan and my lovely neighbour Jo but sadly, my inconsiderate neighbour who is attached to my house had a massive party and the noise was dreadful. My children couldn't sleep and Harry ended up in my bed. I have been blessed with such kindness and thoughtfulness and yet this family who has children the same age as ours, whose mother had cancer - did not have the care and sensitivity to think of me, going through chemo. I have reached the conclusion after 42 years of life that some people are angels, kindness itself and others are devils and should not be given air space when life is so precious.

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