Monday, 27 April 2009

Session 2 of 12: Pinch Me!

I had a good and bad weekend this weekend.

Saturday was brilliant, I was tired but my mother in law came over and that gave my husband and I time to "escape" and have some time together. She brought me a beautiful Pandora bead for my bracelet so now I have the breast cancer bead, Love Hope Faith and this ball of hearts. I have promised myself a bead at every vital stage of my treatment, something to keep me going hey? Thank you to my dear friend Jan who gave me the bracelet and first bead to start with!

Sunday wasn't so good. I was tired and all the kids from the neighbourhood came over to play with my guineapigs. I don't mind at all because I love the children and its nice to see them enjoying my lovely animals but after 5 hours, and my youngest son Harry being in a devil of a mood, I had enough. One of the kids even let herself into the garden and house while I was in bed and managed to break my dog garden ornament!! I was not happy at all.

I don't know what was wrong with H. He finds it hard to understand the world and deal with people and occasionally he hits "melt down" and that is when he becomes frustrated and starts to behave inappropriately. Other parents think he is naughty, and it does look that way but it is his way of dealing with autism in an non-autistic world.

Today was better. Took Wilbur dog training and had a wonderful session. I managed to take time out to admire a Woodpecker, a Robin and a host of Swallows flying close to the ground in a field full of horses. Nature is truly amazing.

My sons hamster, Spangles is not well. She has a womb infection and her chances of survival don't look good. She has had antibiotics and I have helped him to clean her up and now only time will tell....

The reason why I called this post "Pinch Me" is because that is how I feel. I have to keep pinching myself to realise that this is actually happening to me, I am fighting cancer. I find it truly unbelievable.

My Running World magazine came today and I felt a pang of loss. Also hearing my friends talk about the Race For Life in aid of cancer research and hearing Cazza telling us about her 10K in Balmoral, Scotland. I do feel envy because I should have done my first 10K on St Davids Day (Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant) 1st march and I should be doing the BUPA Manchester 10K this weekend followed by the Race for Life in June..... its not fair is it? However, I focus on the end of treatment and then I can start again....

I am sending my first SPIRIT JUMP out tomorrow! Got my email today and there is something theraputic about thinking of other people and not yourself. This is for a little one year old girl and I have bought her a little rag doll, hope she likes it.......


  1. Hi, I just found your blog today, it's wonderful! I am just waiting for my 1st chemo next week...

  2. Don't worry about your chemo, it is ok, its just the side effects afterwards that you will have to manage. Good luck honey xx


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