Monday, 6 April 2009

Session 1: Feeling Sorry for Myself

Yep, I am feeling sorry for myself today!

It is my TOTM, my hair is falling out, my asthma is bad, my nose is inflamed and incredibly sore, I can't run (well I can but it drains me) and I can't swim; aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!

Rant over! I feel better for sharing all of that with you on my blog!

I am incredibly lucky because I have a lovely husband, two gorgeous sons, my lovely miniature schnauzer dogs, my animals, some brilliant friends and I am cancer free. The chemo and radiotherapy are just mop up jobs to make sure this thing doesn't come back!

What will today bring then? We are at the caravan, the sky is grey but it is a beautiful place and I am looking forward to walking along Llanbedrog beach today and maybe visiting the Oriel Gallery.

I have just been covered in kisses by my little boy......... How lucky am I?

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