Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Session 2 of 12: Ignorance is Bliss

I love this photo. It was taken in December 2008 on my 42nd birthday. It was a little Italian resteraunt in the city of Rome overlooking the famous Colluseum.
Little did I know there that in a months time my whole world would be turned upside down. Ignorance is certainly bliss, its a good job we don't know whats coming and that is why I am resolving to live each day as if its my last.
I don't mean go off doing extravavent things, I just mean... appreciate what you've got and enjoy it.
My fab husband has converted my big rabbit hutch so now Duffy and Bramble (mother and daugter rabbits) can enjoy a huge, huge mansion type house. I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting on Harrys trampoline just watching them investigate. Its things like this I am enjoying more.


  1. It is a really nice picture ... yes ignorance is bliss ....

  2. This is a truly lovely picture Sara, you both look so happy and carefree, and you will be like that again one day!


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