Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My Special Rock Garden

I collect stones from the beach when I visit. I don't choose a stone for its shape, I just let the stone draw me to it. I decided to decorate my front door step with the stones and painted them with uplifting words and sentences.

I then decided that I would paint the names of my friends who are fighting or have fought cancer. The idea is that as I cross over the threshold of my house each day (a few times a day) I see my friends names and my thoughts and prayers go out to them.

If you cannot see your name on a stone and you would like me to put your name on one then please let me know by leaving a comment. Barry Fraser, there is a stone with your name on it, it is small and white and I don't think it was captured in the shot.

I find painting the stones very theraputic. I don't know what colours I will use or what I will paint until I feel the stone in my hand.

Several friends have commented on my stones and how pretty they make the door step look and I have explained to them the reason for my particular rock garden.

If I come home feeling sad or angry, I just glance down at my stones as I turn the key in my door and I am reminded that I am surrounded by love, family, friends, hope, faith and strength.
PS: you see the Race for Life badge on my blog? I am doing the 2010 Race for Life in May for Cancer Research. I would appreciate sponsorship and this can be done online by following the link. Please help me to realise my vision of the future where all cancers are treatable.


  1. Oh..is that red "Sue' next to the yellow Daria me? Thanks so much if it is.

  2. Sara, I love your idea of the stones. I always look for special ones when we walk the beaches.I am going to start some names and place them in a special dish and keep it on my computer desk.
    Donation is made for your run.....go sara! xx

  3. This is so wonderful Sara! I would love to do something like this too! Just beautiful! :-)

  4. Sara this is beautiful. I love the idea. I do my cancer support through the Relay for Life in our town. My 44 yr old daughter is a survivor.

  5. Sue, yes that is your name next to Daria! I will show you how my garden grows in a few months time!

  6. I see my name ... what a lovely idea. You are so special to think of us ... thanks!


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