Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hospitals! Hospitals! Hospitals!

Well, today was supposed to be my annual mammogram. As I walked into Wrexham Maelor Hosptal I pondered the fact..... This time last year I was given a mammogram but it was different then, I KNEW I had a lump, this time I had no lumps or at least I was hoping I didn't. This was going to be a bit scarey really because it means waiting for the results.... Us cancer patients know all too well how nerve racking that is!

Now, I know I am technically "cancer free", the fact that I have had surgery, 12 rounds of chemo, radiotherapy, tamoxifen and herceptin makes it unlikely that the cancer has returned but there is always that niggling doubt.....

I got to the waiting room, pulled out my book and began to read. The waiting room was full of a selection of people of all ages. I could identify the ones in my boots because of the chemo cut - such a standard hair style! There were others with long hair and I envied them!

My name was called.......... but alas.......... the machine had broken down!

My next appointment will be on 3rd February - lets hope that there are no technical hitches on that day! More waiting........

I have a chat to the Shooting Star receptionists, such a lovely bunch of ladies, they always comment on my hair and how well I look. I waved goodbye, told them I would see them next week (herceptin time again!)

I am fed up of hospitals, doctors, dentists..........................


  1. You said it......Fed up with all these appointments , hospitals and cancer
    Wishing you all the best Sara

  2. Oh dear Sara, I so wish I could ease your doubts and waits and such misery with the waiting. I can only send my empathy to you, having gone for years with fibrocystic breasts and every six months checking and etc. One MD recommended a bilateral mastectomy because it was so bad in both breasts. I am 72 now and to heck with it all. Haven't even had a mamo now for 3 years. I did cut down the caffeine and fatty foods. Helped a whole lot. Blessings to you


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