Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Blessing of Children

I had a real "bee in my bonnet" today about getting the house tidy so after I had been to the supermarket for a few provisions, I set about my task. It was inspired really by my dog Wilbur who had thrown up all over my sofa! Luckily, it is a leather sofa so I was able to clean it and treat it with leather cream and it looks all shiny and new! The cushions didn't fair so well, I put them in the washing machine, 2 of them were fine but the other is all out of shape, however, the rabbits can have that one to snuggle up to in the cold.
So I have scrubbed and cleaned all day long.
Harry is quite tired today and he is like me in that when we get tired we just need to rest. He told me that he had been sleeping on his bedroom floor and he still felt really tired. I gave him some food thinking that he may have had an energy dip but he then requested that I have a warm bath with him.
"What a nuisance" I thought to myself, just when I was getting the house sorted out. I then pulled myself up and gave myself a good talking too! Housework will always be there even when I am dead and gone but my little boy won't. Very soon, he will be too old to have baths with me, what was I thinking of, putting housework before my boy?
As we relaxed in the bath, Harry at one end, me at the other, we chatted about things quietly. It then dawned on me that had it not been for Harry wanting me to spend time with him relaxing, I would have carried on working until I was exhausted myself. Probably naggy and not much use to anyone! He made me take time out to relax and that is the BLESSING OF CHILDREN!
I am now off upstairs to lie on my bed with him and watch a DVD. It will probably be something boring but I don't think Mr H minds if I read and watch at the same time.
I once cross stitched a poem, I must find it because it gave us parents a very important message.... children don't keep forever. Some of the passage goes like this " hush now cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep..."


  1. Yep my cobwebs and dust are still sleeping but I'll get to them..eventually.
    They are only little for a while. I can't believe my baby is now 30 and has her won babies. It seems like just yesterday...

  2. What a wonderful thing you did today for Harry and for took the time for each other, such a wonderful gift....:-) Hugs

  3. Such a lovely thought

  4. Oh how true. They are gone so quickly. My baby was 33 yesterday and it just seems like yesterday she was just born. Sometimes I just wish I could go back. Blessings to you and your children.


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