Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hercepting #6

So today was my 6th dose of herceptin and I am a third way through my treatment! I am still getting palpatations and heartburn and bless the heart of the nurse caring for me today (Gwen) even though I have a doctors appointment lined up for next week, she called the duty doctor over and arranged for a prescription of ant acids to tide me over.

We used my compromised arm again which is a relief because it doesn't hurt as much but Gwen is such a star at getting a line in, I had no worries with her.

Two new ladies and their husbands were shown into the unit and one had a teary moment. I felt so sorry for them because this time last year, I was in their shoes, not ever having seen anyone fight cancer, never been into a treatment unit, seeing people hooked up to killing machines, it is over whelming. At that point, I decided that I want to use my survivorship to help others and with that in mind I am going to be joining Immerman Angels. I will post seperately about this charity but if I can help someone then my life will be good.

Harry went to his friends house for tea today... I was so nervous because Harry never gets invited to play dates. However, the parents of the child are so kind and gentle, I didn't have many reservations. When he was returned home at 6pm with reports of good behaviour, I sighed a HUGE sigh of relief.

So all is good today! The Gathering 2010 is looming.......


  1. My Darling Sara,
    This is a trip of a lifetime. I never felt sorry for myself, after seeing so many in worse condition. Just Hang in there a day at a time. You will over come it and Please eat and stay strong.I kept very busy and after the treatments you can only lay down.You are a fantastic Lady and a strong woman. I will
    pray for you tonight and hope each visit gets better. Love yvonne

  2. Good that Harry had a successful playdate. You'll make a great angel sharing what you've been through showing that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. I remember my first visit to the cancer center also. very overwhelming. and scary. I had a port in my chest so didn't have to stay there and sit for hours receiving treatments. took my meds home with me in a fanny pack! woohoo!! :-)

  4. Oh you are doing so well and just about finished this journey you have been on.
    So happy Harry had such a good play date, your world is so good right now my friend and I pray it will stay this way. You are such a strong, loving and caring wife, mother and friend. God Bless.....:-) Hugs

  5. Dear, dear Sara, how wonderful and strong of you. You can be such a great influence for others going through this drama. Good group to go with. Blessings

  6. 'and one of them had a teary moment'.

    I have to say, Sarah, that as soon as I read those words, I had tears in my eyes. I remember when the cancer was all new, and I was afraid. I remembered my own teary moments. That one sentence brought those memories right back.


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