Monday, 25 January 2010

I Love Reading

Image courtesy of Amazon UK
I have just finished this book "Dead Until Dark" one in a series of vampire books about a human girl called Sookie Stackhouse. The television series based on these books is called True Blood.
I really enjoyed the series and didn't realise that there were books! Once I did, I bought them.
I am a slow reader but that doesn't really matter does it? If I have a good book I like to read and savour them.
Before cancer I didn't sit down long enough to read a book so this new habit I have adopted is fantastic and not one I am going to give up!


  1. I am glad you have found you a new pastime you enjoy. I have read all my life, not having TV when I grew up reading was about it for us. I might check those books out too.

  2. I just stopped reading because life took over but now I have rediscovered it, I am not letting it go. I love the Sookie Stackhouse stories, have just ordered the collection!

  3. Books are great..... I've read all my life and continue more so now since cancer.
    Enjoy your books

  4. I need to read, but no time. I paint. Glad you found something you enjoy.. Do all you can that you LOVE. As we know life is short.
    all my best wishes


  5. Reading can be so healing ... I'm still struggling with focus and concentration.

    Don't give up that 'me' time.


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