Monday, 11 January 2010

Running in the Snow

I have just about had enough of waiting for the thaw. The thought of running on a treadmill at the gym struck dread in my heart! Today, I tested the ice and it was soggy so I decided to go for my usual run outside. Instead of pounding the lanes which would be quite dangerous, I opted for a run through Darland woods then across the golf course. I tested out my new thermal running tights which were fab, I must say, well worth the money!

It was lovely listening to the crunch of the snow underfoot, quite theraputic. I soon warmed up and removed my woolly hat. The snow came down gently and the landscape was so pretty. Not many animals around and the lake had totally frozen over!

I managed to run a mile which is nothing compared to what I was doing pre-cancer but hey, this body has done me proud........ it has been cut open, poisened and burned within an inch of its life, the sorry state of my veins are an example of that! Despite this, my body has continued to function, I am alive and I am getting fitter by the day. Pretty soon, I am hoping to be up to at least 5 miles a run which will total 20 miles per week! Watch this space!

The affects of the herceptin kicked in this afternoon and I felt a little nausious and had a dicky tummy but its over now for another 3 weeks!

Jason and I took the dogs out for a walk and I collected my friends dog along the way. I manage to set her alarm off in doing so because I punched in the wrong code and in my panic just didn't know what to do. Luckily she was able to answer the phone and put me right! Molly (my friends dog) was the only one to take a walk on the frozen lake.... phew! my heart was in my mouth!

My diet is going well so far! I am focused and determined to reach my goal, I have 2 stone to lose and I know I am fighting cancer drugs but I will do it because I never admit defeat! Again I say to you..... watch this space!

Now, what is on my grateful list today??????

1. I am grateful for a fab husband who, when we got up late today jumped into action and got the kids to school!

2. I am grateful for my health and faculties, I was able to run today and appreciate nature in its glory

3. I am grateful for my positive attitude which has got me through the hell that was 2009

4. I am grateful for my determined spirit because I will achieve my goals

5. I am grateful for my friends, without whom I just wouldn't be where I am today!

Tomorrow....... off to the Orthodontist at Chester City Hospital and he will want to know why I haven't been wearing my retainers and why I haven't got my teeth "prettied" up yet. Do I tell him or do I let him lecture me then tell him or do I let him lecture me and say nothing? I will let you know what happens tomorrow!


  1. How wonderful to run in the snow (I'm not sure I'd be so bold) ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. It finally is becoming above freezing here for the first time in a month. Lots of snow but the fresh air makes me feel better. Anyway, I like your header picture.

  3. Love your header picture and I love your strong sweet spirit and wonderful attitude. Keep running my friend and eating healthy foods, I will keep watching this space and hearing all your good news........:-) Hugs


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