Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year and a New Me!

....... well not quite!

I have started back on my Weight Watchers diet today and I am waiting for my ASDA Home Delivery to bring me all of my healthy food choices. I scrolled through the weight watchers recipe page and selected a whole range of recipes, made my shopping list and did it online! By doing things this way I am hoping to cut my grocery budget, cut down on food waste and try some new foods. I will probably post some of the recipes online and let you know whether or not they were a success.

Jason is at work and the children are off school until Tuesday so my window of opportunity for exercise is limited! I was given a Wii Fit for my birthday but I am a bit of a mentally driven exercisor, I need to be away from my home environment and I need to be totally focused on what I am doing. When in the gym I am not one of those people looking for a social, I am totally "in the zone" - its the only thing that works for me.

So having a few weeks of eating rubbish I am ready for this new start, I am looking forward to achieving my targets set for this year.


  1. Good Luck with your goals Sara....I imagine a whole new person will show herself this year, although I rather think this Sara is a very strong and caring lady......:-) Hugs

  2. Great...... look forward to seeing your new recipes...I don't cook lol or rarely
    I am not a work out kind of girl.....but yes...excercising is good for you....I should do more myself...I will think about it

  3. The right attitude is the best've certainly got that!! :)

  4. Hmm, looks like it has been pretty organized, good luck with your weight watching. I might have to do that too. But I have to GAIN LOL. It's also proving to be hard for me.

    I think you should really try Wii Fit. It's fun and time consuming. After about a week of workout, you'll probably lose some. Haha!

    Much Love,

  5. Hi Sarah, good luck!! I look forward to seeing some new recipes. I also want to get back in shape, and eat better. The holidays 'excess' makes you really want to do better... Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading future entries about your journey :)


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