Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring is Approaching

L-R: Joseff, Harry, Cola, Jason and Margaret

This time last year, I didn't know what the future held for me. I was recovering from a lumpectomy with a haematoma and facing my first round of chemotherapy. It was a scarey time because I didn't know how I would be affected.

This time last year I would never have believed how different my life would be. I am physically weaker than I was but emotionally stronger, I am hoping that with time I will become physically stronger and fitter once again.

So now we have a magnificent pony in our lives. Coca Cola, a native Fell pony who is a complete and utter darling.

Photo taken by Harry of Cola

I have a Mini Cooper and a pony - wow! I could never have predicted that!

So, spring is approaching. I can see that by Colas moulting coat, the longer days, the crocus bursting through in the garden. I am excited by the prospect of better weather and longer days and all the joys they will bring with them.

My Harry
So a year on and I am living a different but much better life. I don't get phased by stuff like when Harry exploded his jelly ball all over the new carpet and made some stains on it! What is the point, they are things, they can be replaced but people can't and love can't.


  1. Here, here. I so agree with you. I am really enjoying spring this year, it feels all new and speical

  2. Your Spring is ahead of ours but that's okay, I will love it whenever it arrives. You are doing so well Sara, so pleased for you...Hugs

  3. Just beautiful Sara. The gifts and the joys and the value of what matters. It's so sweet, isn't it?? xoxoxoxox

  4. Love the picture of Harry..such a beautiful smile. Our crocuses are coming up through the snow now too.

  5. Very true! a lovely post. Enjoy your spring.

  6. wow, you have grass... our spring is so grey and yucky (lots of snow to melt, lots of dirt and sand underneath). At least it was a quick winter. A whole year, let's just write off 2009 (except for that mini cooper!). What a long way we've come...

  7. What a great story! It's great to see you thriving! I am a breast cancer survivor, and was lucky to be working for ChiliTechnology during my treatment so had access to a ChiliPad. Anyone out there who is on Chemotherapy and having trouble with heat or chills - I highly recommend it. It's a simple mattress pad that cools the bed (or heats it). It has a big temperature range and you can set different temperatures for each side of the bed. It was definitely a lifesaver for me, hope this helps someone!

  8. Harry looks like a very sweet boy ... Cola is beautiful.


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