Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Winter is Back

Winter is back or so it seems! The last day of March has been a memorable one, snow on the hills, sleet and snow here and freezing gales. I turned Cola out into his paddock but was worried sick about him. I needn't have been because when I went to check on him mid day he didnt want to come in and he was warm and dry under his rugs.

I had my 9th dose of herceptin today so I am officially half way through, only another 9 to go - yipee!

I was a tad fed up with my body and the weather though because my plans to ride and/or swim were scuppered by both - typical.
Off to the dentist tomorrow to get my front tooth sorted out and made to look pretty. I should have had it done last year but my cancer treatment delayed things slightly!


  1. I just left the dentist and all is well. I had 4 implants after the Chemo and radation it hit my teeth and bones.. All's well .Thank God
    I am really glad you are moving along with your treatmants, Very different from mine.
    Spring is coming this week. Take care and be well. yvonne

  2. Hang in there gal glad you are keeping up all the normal things.

  3. Yes I was told about the snow in Scotland but I didn't realize England got it as well.

    Yay half way through herceptin....the remaining time will go fast my friend. Hope your weather is better tomorrow....:-) Hugs

  4. lol Bernie, WALES got it too! I live in the country of Wales not England.

  5. I'm feeling a little guilty, because we have had the BEST was 81 degrees F here today!! My sweet four legged pony boy has been naked this week and was clipped up on Monday. I haven't been out to see him yet but I have heard from some of the girls that he's super cute.

    I am SOOOOO HAPPY to hear that you're at the halfway point with the herceptin! My aunt (who is actually my mom's best friend) just found out that her breast cancer has returned...she had a mastectomy two weeks ago and they are preparing her for implants. Luckily, it was caught during one of her routine screenings and caught early. I'm not sure what her treatment protocol is, but it sounds like she was pretty lucky.

    Hope winter fizzles away so that you can go on long hacks on Cola in nice weather!!



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