Friday, 19 March 2010

India Day at School

Harry had an "India" day at his school today. The idea was that the children could dress up if they wanted and they made Indian decorations, played Indian music and sampled Indian food. Even the staff entered into the spirit of the occasion with their saris. We purchased Harry's outfit from the Hospice of the Good Shepherd, the young assistant was so helpful and so not only did we get a costume sorted but our money was spent on a good cause. Harry liked his turban the best which was one I used last year when I lost my hair. I used this one the most because I loved the colour red and it is well worn. I think its lovely to see it being used for something not related to ill health.

Harry did have a problem with his snack at snack time, the change in routine can be confusing and upsetting for children with autism. He was choked up and emotional when he came out of school but I spoke to his teacher and we got to the root of the problem and all is well.

I had some sad news today. My mums dog Al has been taken ill. He has liver problems and is on a drip at the vets, it is touch and go as to whether or not he pulls through. Al is an integral part of mums life, her faithful friend. As for me, he represents a wonderful part of my life with motherhood and baby/toddler trips to Erddig and Nains river. I only saw him on Monday and he was so happy, its hard to hear that my little friend is so gravely ill.

On a different note, I gained 2 1/2 lbs this week at weight watchers but I am not worried or stressed about it. Looking at the size of my fingers and the fact that I still can't get a wedding ring on I reckon that if I could stop the drugs I would lose half a stone in fluid alone! The main thing is that I am still going to weight watchers and if I hadn't been going I would be alot bigger than I am now.


  1. Sara, I have just spent the last hour or two reading your blog (and didn't get to the beginning!). You are a complete inspiration and should be proud of yourself. You have a wonderful family - beautiful boys, caring husband and lots of pets to love you. Your pictures are great! Reading your blog sparked memories for me, with pictures of Llwyn Onn and Erddig! So sorry to hear bout the sad loss of Peter, he is no doubt watching you with a proud 'big brother' heart! Keep up the fight (and the blog)!!

    With love and best wishes to a brave lady from Sue Goodlud (was Inness/Fox) xx

  2. Sorry about your mum's dog. Harry does look cute dressed up for India Day. Indian Food seems quite popular in the UK....other than samosas I am not a big well dear Sara and enjoy your weekend......:-) Hugs

  3. Well Bernie, Indian food doesnt agree with me as it is too fatty, gives me terrible tummy ache. I prefer chinese myself. Susan it is so nice to hear from you, how did you find me?

  4. Hi Sara - was a bit bored and searching through Friends Reunited and found your link! Your Blogs are fantastic - I was telling my friends at my boys swimming club last night about it all. Sadly one of the mums died of a malignant melanoma last October and one has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Your blog is a great way to share how you are feeling with people and the pictures are fun! You seem to have had so much to have to contend with in your life, but still remain positive! Keep it up! Sue x


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