Saturday, 20 March 2010

Raining - oh no!

First day of spring and its raining!


I have organised a 40th birthday bash for my husband at home and I dont want it to rain, well, not tomorrow anyway. I bought a gazebo, we are going to light the chiminea and I have a chilli simmering away! His birthday cake has a picture of Y Ddraig Coch (the red dragon) our welsh flag! I have the beers stashed in the childrens playden so shhhhhhhhhhhh dont say a word.

Just pray and pray and pray that it doesnt rain!


  1. I have my fingers crossed and pray it won't rain. Happy Birthday to your Hubby. Have a wonderful party.


  2. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Fingers crossed xxx

  3. Make sure you take a photo for the cake! Hoping for good weather for Jason's birthday.

  4. I have just finished a sun dance just for you and your husbands party, good luck.......:-) Hugs

  5. Hope it all went well Sara..xx


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