Sunday, 28 March 2010

In the Pink Again!

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I have not blogged for a week mainly because I have been in a bad place. Those of you who read my previous blog will probably have guessed this. I have been coming to terms with the fact that once chemo was done with all the side effects would be done with too. Now, I have accepted this and have made steps to work with it.
I had a "taster" session with a nutritionalist who checked me for vitamin deficiencies and I came up as being short of folic acid, B6 and B10. Funnily enough, B6 is a vitimin required for turning food to energy. I have bought some supplements along with some Metatone tonic because it is that time again.

I arranged to have some healing Reiki and that was done today. Some of my chakras were not working and others were spinning out of control. My friend re-alined my chakras and the reiki was great.

I felt warmth traveling from my neck into my head and shoulders then down through my back and pelvis. The warmth then turned to tingling which was kind of like an energy pulsing around my body. When the Reiki was finished I felt so relaxed, positive and energised.

So as a result of these things, these minor adjustments I have made in my life, I am back to being in the pink again. I am feeling positive, in control and up beat.

My nails ARE going to grow back strong and I AM going to lose that weight!


  1. Good for you sweetie, yes your nails will grow back and yes you will loose weight....I love how you are working on those things that you need to and taking care of body and soul is wonderful....:-)Hugs

  2. glad things are going well for you. your header shot is so expressive of what you have been though. the fight, the turbulence, the wall, going over the wall, the calm and smoothness on the other side of the wall.

  3. Missed you for a few days. Glad you are in the pink again. Pink looks good on you. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. One never knows who may be next to need help from our blogger friends. Blessings

  4. Glad you are pink again! Is it spring there? I love having no more snow.

  5. In the pink and please stay that way. i am trying to get the weight off too,,yvonne


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