Monday, 1 March 2010

Ghostly Ghost Hunt - The Tower, Mold

On Saturday I took part in a Ghost Hunt in aid of Wrexham Hospital Special Care Baby Unit. Collectively we raised about £1500 so it was a good achievement! The ghost hunt took place in The Tower, Mold. The building is dated around the 13th century and it was a welsh family home. Apparently there was a fight between Mold and Chester (welsh and English) and the home had prisons within it! I picked up my friend Paula and we drove there together which was good really because I didn't relish the thought of driving there and back on my own.
This picture was taken in the Hall and this is a stuffed parrot and an old gun which looks as though it has seen better days! We didn't communicate with spirit in this room but I think we had tired them out by this point.
This is the Hall - incredibly cold house despite the heating and a big fire.
This is a portrait of a spirit who visited one of the teams. His name was Thomas and he was 6 years old when he died. Apparently he drowned in his bath and he was terribly upset because his parents had already crossed over and he was unable to. The team were in tears. Thomas was crossed over to the light so that was a really positive outcome for the night.

This picture was taken in one of the bedrooms and you can see an orb just above Trudi's head. I took another picture a few moments later and the orb is gone!
We communicated with a lady in this room who had been childless and lived a very sad life. Her husband was cruel to her and she was afraid to speak out. I had a feeling of saddness in this room but when the spirit left (we had a seance) I was taken over by a feeling of anger and the words "who do you think you are" came into my head. I wanted to kick the furniture, I wonder if this was the spirit of the abusive husband and that is why the lady left us!
In the other bedroom we communicated with a spirit called Christine who died in child birth. She had 4 daughters and one son but then she said she didnt have any sons so I wonder if she died whilst giving birth to the son. She had a happy life but died when she was around 30. She got a bit upset because her portrait used to be in the bedroom but it had been moved. She was happy to communicate with us and didnt want to stop!
It was an amazing experience, not frightening at all. Some rooms and at some times I felt nothing but then at others I experienced "feelings". I would love to do this again!


  1. Sara, it sounds an absolutely incredible time. I'd love to do something like that, and well done on the fundraising!! xo

  2. Oh boy. This sounds so interesting. I'm reading a book called "Her Fearful Symmetry" now, and it has a ghost in it: you should read it for sure.

  3. Now! That was a fun night. Wish I could have gone,The dinning room was interesting. Wonder why that light went out. LOL.



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