Thursday, 18 March 2010

Chester (Y Gaer)

Today my husband and I met his mum in Chester, the nearest city to us about 6 miles away in the country of England! It is a Roman city with quite a few roman remains and it is pretty. Alot of tourists visit there and do touristy things but we like to go there for some nice food and a bit of retail therapy.

We ate at Chez Jules which is a french resteraunt and was gorgeous. The food was beautiful! I enjoyed a chicken and bacon salad followed by a chargrilled pork chop with vegatables, mmmm delicious! It was nice to have some adult time with Jasons mum without the kids fighting or arguing or demanding...

Chester has lots of different resteraunts; mexican, spanish, italian, french, brazilian to name but a few and we are lucky that they are of a high quality so theres always lots of choice.

My shoulder has given me a little more pain today but the medication from the doctor is helping.

The boys have just returned from school with a "Finger of Fudge" - I sang the old advert song to them and Joe got quite annoyed!

but the advert is from my childhood and it brings back happy memories, plus the song is really cute don't you think?


  1. Yes I like the song. First time to hear it. The fudge though I can really go with that

  2. MadDad and I had some lovely holidays in Chester BC

  3. Chester is such a nice city and we are lucky to live to close to it! Fingers of Fudge mmmmm yummy but as Harry told me today "they are not enough because I am still hungry"

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely day Sara, Chester sounds wonderful......and I chuckled over Joe being upset with you for singing that cute little ditty.......:-) Hugs


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