Saturday, 13 March 2010

More Herceptin

The nurses and even the Sisters at the Shooting Star Unit refer me directly to the doctors for canulisation. I have tiny veins and they are frightened of hurting me. I did explain to Dr Gordon that the veins on my left hand were collapsed and he would get a line in but it wouldnt work. These doctors all know best and he tried my left arm first anyway!. The result was a swollen and bruised wrist! So he canulated my right arm anyway with no pain, no discomfort and no bruising!

My little boy Joe was with me because he had an appointment at ENT. He was great at offering me some distraction and it was a good experience for him too. He thought that all I did was go in, have a quick injection, he didnt realise just how much was involved. He helped the doctor as well and he enjoyed that.

Herceptin is drip fed into your system over an hour with a saline flush through at the end. Apparently pretty soon they will be authorised to drip it in over half an hour. I have mixed feelings about this...... on one hand it will be nice to reduce the amount of time I am sitting receiving treatment but on the other, it is quite nice to recline your comfy chair and relax for an hour!

Side effects of herceptin...... my fingers are still like tree trunks and my bones ache like mad especially my lower back. My right shoulder where I fell before Christmas is giving me alot of pain too and I am not sure what to do about that!


  1. My boys came with me to the hospital all the time, it means that they dont have fear of injections and stuff like that which is great. I hope you are over the side effects soon

  2. I think its important for children to know the facts and Joe learnt alot from that visit he was also so proud of himself because he helped the doctor and he helped me by talking to me.

  3. Sara can you not have a port put in until you finish with the veins couldn't handle all the needles and I went with the port which at first I really disliked but was so thankful for it eventually as it made drawing blood, receiving any kind of treatment much easier.....I was relieved when the port was no longer needed and removed though...Hugs

  4. Hi Sarah, your poor little veins!! Wish this would get easier for you...


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