Friday, 6 November 2009

Its raining but not in my soul

I am so happy to say that my hair is considerably longer than it is on this picture taken a couple of months ago! Even long enough to say I have had a "bad hair day".

The rain is pouring outside, puddles are huge, everything is soaked right through. So much for Guy Fawkes celebrations, theres no way I am going to a bonfire party when this amount of rain is falling!

However, in my heart the sun is blazing and the sky is blue because today, I lost one and a half pounds at my weight watchers weigh in. That coupled with the fact that I swam for the first time since my diagnosis yesterday and running is feeling good..... I feel as though I am taking control of my life once again and it is the most wonderful feeling in the entire world!

I had news of my big surprise the other day too and pretty soon I will have a delivery date for it! Watch this space!


  1. You're making ME smile and feel good just reading this!! I'm very happy for you -- I love your spirit and your enthusiasm is contagious!! :)

  2. Your smile lights up the whole screen.

  3. :D My hair was blowing in the wind today and I had weird little spikey clumps when I came back inside--yay for bad hair days!

  4. According to the Taxol fact sheet, I start loosing the rest of my hair next week.

    Glad to read about someone coming out the other side.

  5. One and half pounds ... good stuff. I know how are it is to do.


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