Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Get your Rocks On!!!!!

No, I don't like this picture of me! My face is so bloated but this is me and it is right and proper that I should reveal the real me not the one I want everyone to see! On the swelling score, my fingers and toes have reduced and now my 3rd ring (My Nains) fits me perfectly again. I noticed my cheek bones for the first time yesterday as well! I am seeing the consultant tomorrow just to go through this side effect and I am going to contact my friend to get more information from his angle.

I was really tired today on account of a busy day yesterday. Once the children were at school, I got into bed and slept for 2 hours solid. I woke up feeling great so I got on my bike and did some errands. Posted a card to my friend on Manor Lane, took some parcels to the Post Office on Station Road, stopped off at the Chemist on Chester Road before returning home and I felt great for the fresh air and gentle exercise! The dogs had a short walk today but exciting none the less because we came across my friend who had lost her dog Molly in the woods. The tractor had scared her. Needless to say it all ended very nicely with Molly being found and reunited!

I decided to take the car to school to collect the children even though it is only a 10 minute walk. The reason I did this was because I have had a busy afternoon and I had tea to put on, Joe's suitcase to help pack and the Breast Cancer Support Group this evening, there is going to be a talk given by a life coach!

So now to the title of todays post! While we were at the Llyn, we did lots and lots of beach walking and while there I did my favourite thing, I collected rocks. Usually I put them in my garden but this time I looked for palm sized stones. The idea is that I am going to try my hand at rock painting for small Christmas gifts so look out everyone! I will let you know how I get on. My acrylics were delivered today along with the matt spray so I am excited about making a start!

An update on Jules Peters... Mikes tour with The Alarm has been cancelled and rescheduled for the new year. Jules is an integral part of the team organising these events and that as well as the fact that Mike needs to support his wife and his two sons, Dylan age 5 and Evan age 3. Jules is still in isolation and will remain in hospital for at least another week. Her rehabilitation will take months. I sent her a "Caring" package today, I know how much these packages from friends all over the world have meant to me so I wanted to spread the love.


  1. Regardless of what you see in this photo or in the mirror, Sarah...you are a sweet and beautiful woman. I like this photo and see sweetness in your eyes, a little of a pixie smile in your lips and a precious child of God. This is who I see.

    What a blessing that you were in the right place at the right time, to help your friend in finding her lost pup.

    Bless you as you continue on this journey in life, Sarah.

  2. Life is picking up the pace and you are gathering speed to keep up. There is so much joy in that!!

    You look wonderful -- there is a twinkle in your eye!! Mostly I see a flush of health and happiness...and you will reduce all that puffiness as the drugs/steroids etc. leave your body. ♥

  3. It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet you last night Sara. You are an amazing and courageous woman.

  4. I like Sherry Lee's comment ... healing takes time whether it's the body or the mind.

  5. You look great, to be honest!! I don't like pictures of myself, either, but I realize now that I'm just being overly critical of myself.

    Just remember that this is all temporary.


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