Thursday, 5 November 2009


Apologies all around! Firstly, my scan disk is corrupted and we cant retrieve the holiday photos I took (and there are loads). Jason has tried lots of software to try and get them onto computer but with no success so any advice will be most gratefully received! I am waiting for the new scan disk to turn up so until then I can't take any more photos. I have taken these photos from my archive so I do apologise if you have seen them before.
The above photo is of Wrexham Police Station set against the skyline.
This photo is of St Mary's Catholic church in Wrexham

Edinburgh, December, the skyline was amazing, this photo does not do it justice!


  1. I've been to Edinburgh three times now and it is clearly one of my favourite cities in the world.

    Well, maybe not the roundabout that has to be taken to get into the city. We have very few of those in Canada and nothing remotely like the one in Edinburgh.

    Prince's Street is awesome especially when they have the fireworks at night from the Castle walls.

    Next time over I will have to get to Wales!

  2. Barry, Edinburgh is my favourite city too, I loved it, everything about it was simply magical.


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