Thursday, 26 November 2009

Herceptin Round 3

Harry pretending to be cold at Centre Parks just after we had seen Santa. The snow on the trees is fake!

Yesterday I had my third round of herceptin. My veins are officially shut down in my left arm now as the Sister canulated first time but could not get any blood out for my tests and when the saline started to go in my hand felt cold, then it started to ache and finally sting. The sister decided to remove the canula and put one into my compromised arm. This went in first time and with a minimum amount of pain. I have only had a sentinal node sweep plus the herceptin is not an irritant like chemo so I am happy for my compromised arm to be used.

The herceptin went in well and it was terrific to leave the Shooting Star Unit feeling normal. Many ladies came in after me for their herceptin. The drug is so expensive that they place all of the herceptin ladies together to minimise wastage.

I saw my oncologist yesterday as well and had a thorough check over. Not only does she check my breasts but also my stomach, back, lungs and heart. The oncologist shadowing her also noticed my mole on my back and checked that out too. When I told my oncologist what I was up to these days she was amazed and called me "super woman". There's nothing super about me though, I am just so happy to be alive and thoroughly enjoying life at the moment.

My running is going well and so far I am up to 24 mins of 1 min run, 2 mins walk. I feel good because I am able to de-stress and clear my mind. I didn't stretch out after my run yesterday so my calves were quite tight this morning. However, I took myself off to the pool, swam for 9 mins, power walked in water for 10 widths, aqua ran for 10 mins, stretched out for 5 then treated myself to the sauna and jacuzzi.

Everyone thinks my hair is cool but I just want to grow it, after having no hair it will be nice to have longer than a crop!


  1. Hi Super woman,

    The Auckland Pink Dragon boat is looking for more members. You feel like coming here and join the team. (survivals of breast cancer)

    If I was younger, I might ask them if I could qualify by default that I had two breast surgery though they were not cancerous. But I am too old, I don't think they will want me.

    Happy thanks giving to you too though we both don't celebrate this day.

  2. Super Woman you are!!! It's that super attitude of yours!

    Love the photo in the "snow" and the shaking in the "cold" !! So cute!

    And what a blessing that you are now using the other arm...I use my compromised side for things all the time...I often forget and then think I'm glad that I've forgotten! :)


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