Saturday, 14 November 2009

Flood Warnings

"Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink" (unknown) - my Nain taught me that saying

Britain has flood alerts, mainly in the southern part of England and Wales. The rain is pouring down really hard and everywhere is damp and soggy.

Nine years ago, the River Alyn burst its banks and the village was flooded. They have since carried out extensive works to the river to prevent such a thing happening. Water damage is so destructive and the germs, smell, decay, damp - not healthy at all. So I feel really sorry for those under threat of flooding this weekend.

A year or so ago, a chap was walking his young dog, a golden retriever by the River Clywedog in Bersham which runs at the back of my mums house. The dog jumped into the river but the current, caused by the heavy rains dragged the dog under and despite a frantic rescue attempt, the dog died.

We also have to be careful of mass erosion around river banks, with edgeways disintegrating into the river, one could lose ones footing very easily.

I am in my home, drying off having been soaked whilst tending to my animals. Poor things had wet homes too so I have been busy replacing bedding, and fortifying their homes against further dampness. I owe this to my animals because I have the freedom and ability to care for myself whereas they do not. Animals come first!

My husband and number one son have gone horse riding! The lessons were cancelled due to the muddy and dangerous field conditions so they were offered a hack out. The price went up of course so we had to decide who would ride and who would not because it is an expensive business. Harry decided he wanted to stay home with me and look after me...... his friend called around and now he has deserted me for him - children!

Ah..... these newcomers into horse riding! I grew up riding, mucking out, standing on the muck heap to warm my frozen feet, riding in the rain and getting chilled to the bone! I have the benefit of alot of experience and I wouldnt go out riding in this weather!


  1. I remember in 2007 when we had floods in Hull.. everything was underwater, luckily i avoided them!
    I hope you stay safe and well chuck xx

  2. My experience with horses is very limited although my brother owned a horse and Linda, as a teacher, has taken many children away to riding camp.

    We've had quite a lot of rain here too, but most of it has been drizzle and the various rivers and creeks have been up to the job without becoming swollen and dangerous. I hope it stops raining for you soon!

  3. Well Barry and Tracey, the good part about living in North Wales (same as Scotland). We are a very mountainous country so severe floods are not the norm!

  4. I was in England In June 2007 and the floods shut down the train system in the NE part of the country. In Sheffield (where we were stranded) people drowned in the main street. Hurricane Ida is causing flooding now along the Atlantic keeping my daughter and sons inside. Here, it is Indian summer-Warm, sunny, beautiful.


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