Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Our Weekend Break

We travelled 150 miles to Winfield Centre Parks in Cumbria. Cumbria has been hit by the worst flooding in years with bridges being swept away and two lives lost, one of those being a Police Constable. We were amazed that the centre remained open and even more amazed that despite staff shortages due to the extreme conditions, we were hardly affected and the staff moral was amazing. The picture above is of the "village" centre which is surrounded by the lake. The lake was lit up with the most spectacular lights. They even used fake snow and decorated all of the log cabins with Christmas wreaths.
All around the centre were lit up and sparkling reindeers in various poses. This particular reindeer being hugged by Harry was on the way back from the village to our log cabin.

The bridge over the river was decorated, Harry, Chloe and Joe are ready for fun!

I loved the swan on the lake the best especially as the wind bobbed it around. It was spectacular.

Our first meal out was at a resteraunt called Hucks. The staff were excellant as were the conditions for the children. They provided a childrens buffet which they could help themselves too. It included pasta, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, beans, chips, nachos plus other things. There was also a play area for children which kept them entertained. From right to left we have Harry, my husband Jason, me, Jan, Joe and Chloe.
I was like a child on Christmas day all weekend.... I saw the first red squirrel in 25 years! They are endangered in this country and far, far prettier than the grey squirrel. We also saw a woodpecker right outside our door, grouse, and even a Hare! Seeing such wildlife brought me so much joy.
The next morning brought a visit to Santas grotto followed by abseiling....... I will tell you more tomorrow.


  1. I loved the swan too. You'd love it here. Squirrels all over the place-red squirrels, giant fox squirrels. We have several onf each on our small property. Abseiling? I guess I will learn tomorrow.

  2. Hi Sara! This sounds like so much fun to me. A family outing complete with a lit up swan, red squirrels, and ahhh chicken fingers! Great.

  3. Looks like a great weekend break ...

  4. This was a break you needed and were ready to enjoy to the full. Glad you were able to have such a memorable weekend!


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