Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Chemo Session 1 Day 6

At last, I got a bit of sleep last night! I swear it was the Glenn Harold CD that did it!

Had lots of fun on face book and loads of giggles with pictures of the Bandana Brigade, loved the dogs the best! Memo to self: Must, Must, Must get a photo posted of me in my bandana.

My 7 year old asked me if I was going to be bald, did I want to be bald, did the doctor want me to be bald. I explained to him that I didnt want to be but that is what the medicine may do to me. He accepted that and went back to playing with his lego.

I went to my support group "Talk 4 Talk" today for the first time since my surgery and it was wonderful to see everyone again and touch base. Lots of new faces as there always is there but lots of my old faithful friends too! I was able to report on good progress made with my boys in spite of my health worries - very productive! I did find the session quite tiring and my "Chemo Brain" made me feel silly and foolish but everyone understands there.

Managed to make it onto the school yard to pick up the kids today as well, nearly got blown away in the process mind you!

Health wise I am ok, still tired, still bloated and now I have a sore gum with a swelling starting just underneath. I will have to keep an eye on that and make sure it doesnt get worse.

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