Monday, 23 March 2009

Session 1 Day 4

Well, yet another sleepless night with my "chemo brain" buzzing, funny dreams, drifting in and out..... At one point I was going to get up and make a cup of tea but my bed was so warm, soft and comfortable and my body felt whacked so I decided to stay.

Still got a dicky tummy, 3 senokot have not relieved the situation so more drastic actions will have to be taken this evening! I am drinking herbal teas, hot lemon water like they are going out of fashion!
Cazza and my other friends on Weight Watchers New Community Users (WW NCU's for those in the know) had me in tucks of laughter yesterday evening. Cazza rallied the troops to don their bandanas and unite with me, they are going to upload their photos onto facebook so I am going to try and do that today as well. I suggested starting a new group on face book called "The Bandana Girls" should be fun!

My best friend Jan called this morning, she is amazed at my progress but with friends like her and so much love and support around me then how can I NOT be making good progress.

This CANCER AIN'T GONNA BEAT ME it is making me a stronger and more confident person and has restored my faith in man-kind. The friendships that has come in so many different ways is amazing.

Jade Goody died yesterday, her strength and will helped it to make it to Mothers Day, a day that will always be symbolic for her sons. I have always liked Jade; funny, down to earth, the ordinary chick that "made it". She has opened the way for cancer sufferers like me, to deal with the treatment and the disease with strength, hope and dignity.

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