Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers Day - Session 1 Day 3

Don't feel as good today. My energy reserves are getting smaller. I have an upset tummy in that I am blocked up and even though I am drinking alot of fluids, nothing seems to help.

I didn't sleep well last night. I had lots of dreams which means I didn't get much "quality" sleep but I rested this morning.
The picture here makes me smile, a happy memory of last years holiday in Cornwall when all my plans were hatched and when I thought "it could never happen to me"

My little 5 year old friend came to visit me and she helped me feed the animals. She is like a little fairy flitting around the garden with a lovely smile and the sweetest words, she cheered me up. However, I felt my energy draining and here I am, lieing in bed yet unable to sleep with the buzzing in my head.

The boys gave me wonderful Mothers Day gifts today. Harry made a card with a picture of Wilbur on the front, complete with curly tail. He bought me a dark, smooth, crystal heart which he chose for himself. Joe's card was more ornate, with paper flowers glued to the front and diamonds cut into the centre. He said he loves me more than the universe and I believe that too! He gave me a lovely turquoise necklace which is a symbol of my birth sign. I will treasure these gifts forever.

So now the phone is ringing and I just don't want to answer it. It's not that I don't want to communicate but I havent got the energy to relate (yet again) how I am feeling. I am tired.

Everyone is doing wonderfully well without me. Jasons relationship with the boys is blossoming which is one good thing to come out of this pain in the butt of an illness, disease, whatever it is.

Now.... here I am lapsing into gloom and doom and that is what I promised myself I wouldnt "CANCER AINT GONNA BEAT ME"

I have decided today that I am going to start wearing bandanas around the house so that we can all get used to the "look" when and if I need it! I will try to get some pictures downloaded so you can all have a laugh!!!!!

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