Sunday, 25 April 2010

Road Traffic Collision

Yesterday I had an RTC - a road traffic collision! They used to call it RTA - Road Traffic Accident but the word accident had "implications" re blame etc so they changed it to collison.

We were cycling home from Cola, Harry was in front of me because I have to keep a close eye on him. Cycling behind Harry is precarious enough as it is and last night... he got me. We were almost home and suddenly he swerved out in front of me and caught my front tyre. There was nothing I could do to stop myself so the bike fell and I skidded on the tarmac.

I lay there startled for a bit and Harry started getting upset, he wanted me to get up and off the road in case a car came and squashed me so he said, so he helped me get up. No damage to my bike, Harrys plastic mud guard was snapped off and all I can say is that it was a good job that I was wearing my riding jacket because I scraped and bruised my elbow and hip and blood was seeping through my jeans at the knee. Nothing major it just means that I will be more achey for a few days and of course I was badly shaken.

The fall really messed up my mojo but what messed with it even more was the fact that I discovered that I had lost my weight watchers pedometer. The boys and I searched and searched but it was gone. It sounds really daft, but the pedometer is what has got my weight loss going and since I had it I lost half a stone so I became really down and started to think about comfort food.......

However, my weight watchers leader is a friend on facebook and I contacted her and as a result I was able to call at her house to buy a new pedometer and she discounted it for me. It gave me my mojo back and I stopped thinking about comfort food.

In addition to this, Harry and his little friends hatched a plan to sell their unwanted DVD's to raise money to buy me a new pedometer.

So it was a nasty do but goodness and kindness came out of it in the form of those I care about helping me.

On another note, thank you for your support on my changing my blog. Hopefully I will get it up and running in a few days and I already have an idea for a final post on Cancer Ain't Gonna Beat Me.


  1. Oh my how frightening, but I am glad that your mojo is back. Rest well today, as I think you may be even sorer!

  2. Glad you got your mojo back!! A fall is hard, but good that Harry is getting money to help with the pedometer - these kids can be so thoughtful!!

  3. Hello...RICE for injury bruising and or fracture.
    Rest, Ice (apply on and off as able for about an hour), Compression (wrap securily not tightly with elastic bandage), Elevate (if hand arm, then up against chest).
    God loves you.. Blessings

  4. Wow that was an upsetting thing. Thank goodness you are not hurt too bad. God bless you for your strength and inspiration.

  5. If i had that fall all my skin would be off.
    After Cancer my skin tears at any little thing.
    It's paper thin. You are so lucky not to have broken any bones. Take it easy for a while..


  6. Hope you had a great Mothers Day..
    Hope you are doing OK after that collision..


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