Monday, 15 February 2010

I Am Back!

Sorry I haven't been around much but I have been so busy arranging things for Cola and to be honest with you I had the worst case ever of chemo brain. By Friday my head was completely fuzzed, I wanted to cry but couldn't, I couldn't organise my thoughts, I was forgetting words mid sentence........ all of you who have had chemo know the score, I don't need to explain! Yesterday I spent the day scanning old photos so I have decided to share them because they are special. The above photo is of me aged 15 about to go away on a school trip.Going through the photos made me think alot really. First I thought "how old am I?" because I have had so many body shapes, hair do's and parties! I also felt really sad at the people and pets I have lost and that was quite difficult to deal with but I had some good memories too. The above photo is of me and my neice Emma Louise taken in 1991 - hard to believe that she is a full grown woman now about to have a baby of her own.

This is me aged a couple of weeks old. I remember that chair too. Mum had me at home and apparently I was an easy baby from day one. Wish I had had one of them!

This was taken in my back garden, I am the one with the long hair and the other girl is my best friend Karen Scott. We had such laughs together. This is the only photo I have of her and I really treasure it. Karen was killed in a car crash when she was 17. The first time ever her dad had not picked her up from the disco, she begged him to let her come home with her friends. Then the friends got into a car race on the industrial estate and the outcome was the death of a vibrant, kind, fun loving and beautiful girl.

I have had many parties in my life and this was a fun one, very well planned indeed! Yes we had party rules and we covered the carpets with plastic and stored the furniture - it was a fun party.

Taken in 1992 in Liverpool City my friend Julie and I having fun. My Swiss Italian friends came over for a week so we did alot of sight seeing and alot of silly things.


  1. OMG I love your photos ...especially the last one which could be an album cover!

  2. Very cool snapshots of your life!!!! Karen's death was every parents' nightmare. How they must grieve! I loved your 'big hair' around 1992. You did change your hair alot-very fun.

  3. I am so sorry you had a bad chemo day. I did enjoy wandering down memory lane with you. Gosh that is hard to loose some one you care for so young. Thank goodness you have a picture of her. God bless you Sara, you are one WOW woman.

  4. I love all the photos Sara. It is nice to go back and see all the crazy things we did and even the styles we wore.
    Chemo brain is frustrating so I know what you go through....I just wish many others would learn more about it.
    Have a great day Sara!

  5. Very nice.... pictures are great takes us back in time.... You are great

  6. Wait till you see the pic of us all squeezed into a telephone box!


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