Monday, 1 February 2010

The Gathering - Part 2 (our accommodation)

Prestatyn is a small coastal town in North Wales (my country) and it is where Mike Peters from The Alarm is from. Over the years, the Gathering has taken place in Llandudno (where my husband is from) and fans book into the local hotels but this year, Mike decided to bring the Gathering 2010 to Prestatyn and where better than at Pontins Holiday Camp!

What a genius idea this was, to hold the Gathering at the holiday camp where all the fans are together!

The chalet was small and compact but clean and had all the facilities we required. We didn't use the twin beds, instead we pulled out the sofa bed and because the mattress on that was pretty bad we utilised the single bed mattresses and got ourselves a nice comfy place to sleep.

We were situated on a top chalet at the edge of the site. I was dubious about the noise, this was a rock festival after all! I needn't have worried though, true to form, the Alarm fans were brilliant and the only noise we heard was that of the wind and the sea and the odd acoustic guitar floating on the wind.

The view from our chalet was lovely. It overlooked a park where people walked their dogs and the Prestatyn Golf course.

We also had a nice view of the mountains. When we woke up on Sunday morning, there was a light dusting of snow over them which was really pretty.

There was a shop on site as well as the pub and the swimming pool was open which I didn't expect so I could have kicked myself for not bringing my swimming cossy!!!!
It was great having the gigs on one site because you could dip in and out as you required. Although I am doing really well 3 months out of treatment, I am still just 3 months out of treatment and I do tend to tire easily, alot more easily than I used to. I don't care though because I am so excited by life and what it has to offer. This time last year, I was being told that it was going to be the worst year in my life (my surgeon was right) but the next 40 were gonna be amazing! This time last year, I booked my Gathering tickets and that was the light that kept me going through the dark days.

The entrance door to the Love Hope Strength suite.
All of my plans have been pushed back a year or so. I am still not fit enough to run a 10K race which is where I was last year and I am 2 stone over weight but I am booked in for the Race for Life 5K in May in aid of Cancer Research and I am going to look for a suitable 10K race in the autumn which I am going to run in aid of the Love Hope Strength Foundation. I have GOT to give something back to Mike Peters because his music and his strength got me through my war with cancer.

All around the camp site, the Poppy flags and Welsh flags were flying. To me, they symbolise Love, Hope, Strength. They symbolise my youth blending into maturity and all the benefits that brings over the years.


  1. I am jealous of all the green grass. No green here at this time of year. Two stone (not sure how big a stone is )doesn't sound like you have much to lose.You will be running that 10K soon, I know it.
    Sounds like you had a good time.

  2. I love that you had such a great weekend and this does look like a lovely place to have held the gathering....think it's great that you are still running......:-) Hugs


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