Saturday, 6 February 2010


Yesterday was a really long day! I went to weight watchers for my weekly weigh in and I have lost half a pound which is great considering the week I have had! I got called for a private chat with a WW lady and she has found a lump...... I gave her the best advice I could which was to call the hospital directly and get a date for her consultation which she has and we will take it from there.

We travelled to Staffordshire to see the Fell pony and I am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are having him. He got bitten on his muzzle and so couldn't have a bit in his mouth so I rode him in a headcollar and he was fab fab fab. He responded perfectly to my leg aids and when we went out on the lanes he didnt bat an eye lid at: dogs, fire, hedge cutting, cyclists, tractors, vans..... It convinced me that he is going to be perfect for my boys. His name is Cola!

I went to the school PTA Quizz Night and we lost but hey! We got a consolation prize which I am keeping for a party in the spring yay!

Life is good!


  1. So what is a 'fell' pony? Sounds like things are going well for you Sara and I like the picture you have as a banner.

  2. Oh the boys will love the you do, I can tell.......:-) Hugs

  3. Oh Sara you are so inspiring to me. I have no dx. to trouble me but aging (I am 72) is no fun. I know that you marvel at reaching your age and I must do that too. Gracious girl.


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