Monday, 15 February 2010

Searching for someone

I am desperate to get back in contact with a very old friend of mine. We were penpals as children but lost contact with each other when I moved away from my home. It was a turbulant time in my life, I had just lost my brother, my parents went through a nasty divorce and my fiance was cheating on me.
Her name was/is Maria De Jesus Perez and she was married to Antonio. Her first son was called Rolando Cruz Perez and they lived in Salinas, California, USA. Maria would be around 43 now and Rolando would be about 26 or 27.

We were such good friends and used to write lots to each other. I have heard in recent years that she had tried to get in touch with me via my old address but nothing has been forwarded to me.

If anyone recognises the details or the faces then please could you let me know. I know that this is a long shot but I have put the photos on Face Book as well and you never know.....

It would be so nice to be in contact with Maria again but most importantly to know that she is happy and healthy.

If you can help, it would be so great!


  1. Wishing you much luck in finding your dear friend....great idea to post on FB and your blog, it just may work.......:-) Hugs

  2. Sara I went to a private Catholic girls school with boarders from all over the country. One of the students was Gladys Perez. Do you know if there was a Gladys in this family? I might find her through our alumnae records. The Dominican Sisters had students there from Puerto Rico.

  3. Hope you find her Sara


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